It ain’t fancy…but it works!

In the midst of a workout last week at Crossfit Ramsay here in town, I was given a clear reminder that keeping it simple can have it’s rewards. I guess a reward is in the eye of the beholder, because in this case my reward was a set of abs and legs that burned for a full week!

As the New Years resolutions and post holiday gluttonous regret start to kick in, people seem to be looking for fancy ways to lose weight and get into shape. Forget Chuck Norris’s fancy late-night infomercial ab machine. You don’t need some newfangled gadget or expensive piece of equipment to get you in shape. Why not try getting back to basics and working your ass off? It’s a much cheaper solution and you’re not left looking like an epileptic monkey trying to use the superfantastical abdominizer 3000.

Here is the workout that brought on this reminder. Complete four rounds of 50 sit ups and 50 metres walking lunges holding a 35 lb plate above your head. Complete these four rounds as fast as you can. That’s it. It’s simple. It sucks. It works! The beauty of it is that you can work at your own pace. In my case it took about 18 minutes. For others it might take 12 minutes or it might take 40 minutes…just finish as fast as you can. If you can’t hold 35 lbs over your head, hold 5 lbs or 10 lbs. If your just starting out, do 20 sit ups instead of 50. Either way it truly is beauty in simplicity.




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